Why Is Aluminum Extrusion Profiles Widely Used In Many Industries?

December 10,2021

Aluminum is just an element in chemistry but is more and more used in our lives, whether it is a wok or a spoon, whether it is a table or a chair, you can see it. This is because aluminum is soft and can be made into various shapes. Nowadays, aluminum extrusion profiles are the most widely used in all walks of life. Do you know why?


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Advantages of aluminum extrusion profiles




Aluminum's corrosion resistance and weather resistance are some of its most significant advantages. Aluminum can rust and resist corrosion naturally without additional treatment. This is due to the presence of a thin, naturally formed protective film of aluminum oxide on its surface. Through anodizing, its corrosion resistance becomes stronger.


For example, in an outdoor environment, 25-micron anodic oxidation can be carried out, which not only enhances the corrosion resistance but also improves the surface finish. In addition, aluminum does not require maintenance, and in most cases, there is no need to worry about corrosion.


🔹Lightweight and strong


Aluminum is more than 33% lighter than steel while retaining most of its strength. The tensile strength of most aluminum alloys is about 70-700 MPa, and the density is two-thirds less than steel. Nowadays, aluminum alloy is the best substitute for other metal materials. To reduce weight and reduce energy consumption, the automotive industry is using aluminum alloys substantially.


🔹Good thermal conductivity


The thermal conductivity of aluminum is very similar to copper, but the weight is much lighter.


Aluminum is an excellent heat conductor, and the profile design of aluminum extrusion can maximize the surface area of heat conduction and form a heat channel. A typical example is a computer CPU radiator, where aluminum removes the heat generated.


🔹Stylish appearance


Extruded aluminum can be painted, electroplated, polished, and anodized, which gives engineers a wider choice of appearance than other materials.


🔹Wide range of applications


Basically, any cross-section shape can be formed by aluminum extrusion, so the application range of aluminum extrusion is very wide, and different cross-sections can meet the requirements of different application environments.


🔹Easy secondary processing


Aluminum extrusions can be easily formed, cut, drilled, processed, stamped, bent, and welded to suit specific purposes.


🔹Absorb shock and deformation


In construction, aluminum extrusions can resist deformation caused by weather and building movements. In vehicles, impact energy can be absorbed. Aluminum extrusions maintain strength and flexibility under load and rebound from impact.


In which industries are aluminum extrusion profiles used?


🔹Aviation and aerospace industry


Aluminium has been an important part of the aerospace market from the beginning --- The Wright brothers originally used aluminum in their engines to reduce weight. Today, aluminum accounts for 75-80% of modern aircraft and is often chosen for structures and engines due to its lightweight but durability. Aluminum is also one of the main components of many spacecraft.


🔹Transportation industry


Aluminum extrusions are ideal for engine blocks, transmission housings, panels, roof rails, and chassis, as well as vehicle bodies and parts for automobiles, ships, trucks, railway, and subway vehicles.


The transportation industry is the second largest user of aluminum extrusions, and it continues to grow. From Ford to Audi to Mercedes-Benz, automotive engineers and designers have been looking for ways to replace steel parts with aluminum to improve fuel efficiency and performance. Electric vehicles are also using aluminum extensively.


🔹Construction and related industries


Unlike steel, aluminum can be extruded into complex designs and manufactured to meet strict building product specifications, which helps promote its application in many residential and commercial building products. From windows, doors, atriums, and skylights, to ramps, balconies, and various roof designs. We are gradually using aluminum to build our green, sustainable homes.


🔹Household appliances industry


Since aluminum extrusions were first introduced into washing machines and dryers, it has revolutionized the home appliance market, making air conditioning systems and refrigerators more energy-efficient than ever. Today, many of our daily necessities, including fitness and sports equipment and furniture, are made of aluminum extrusions.


🔹Electronics industry


Today, aluminum extrusions are used in many electrical and electronic equipment. Given its unique electrical and thermal conductivity, custom aluminum profiles are usually used for motor housings, high heat dissipation radiators, and internal frames. Many product shells are made of aluminum, including laptops, iPhones and iPads, and high-definition TVs.


🔹Solar industry


As a cost-effective alternative to steel, aluminum extrusions provide the strength needed to resist natural factors (such as snow and wind) without adding weight, making it an ideal choice of roof-mounted panel and building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) system.


In conclusion


In the above content, we have listed some advantages and functions of Aluminium extrusion profiles, if you have more questions or doubts about it, or want to Stock Aluminum Extrusion Profiles, we are glad to serve you.


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