What are the Application Fields of Industrial Aluminum Profiles?

May 18,2022

At present, the industrial aluminum profile is a common material in modern society. Products are made of aluminum and other alloy elements. Aluminum extrusion materials are usually aluminum materials with different cross-sectional shapes and appearances obtained from aluminum rods through hot melting, extrusion, and various surface treatments. Aluminum is the main metal element. Add some alloy elements to improve the properties of aluminum. So what is the application field of industrial aluminum profile?


What Are The Advantages Of Galvanized Fasteners?

May 05,2022

Galvanizing is a process technology for surface treatment in the production of fasteners. There are four common types of galvanized fasteners: electro galvanized, powder galvanized, mechanically galvanized, and hot-dip galvanized. The following are their advantages.


2022 Hardware Hinge Purchase

April 24,2022

The hinge is a metal device that is mostly used at the connection on the cabinet door of furniture such as cabinets, wardrobe, and TV cabinets, and is used to connect the cabinet door and cabinet body.


Difference between Ordinary Aluminum and Broken Bridge Aluminum

April 11,2022

They are both ordinary aluminum and alloy. We can see the difference between them, that is, the word "broken bridge". The broken bridge is not different in aluminum alloy. It is a difference in the manufacturing method of aluminum alloy.


How Much Do You Know About Bright Nickel-Plated

March 28,2022

Many of our products have bright nickel plating applied, do you know what it is? Bright nickel plating is very versatile, it can omit the heavy polishing process and obtain a bright coating.


Six Kinds of Materials of Anti-Static Panels

February 25,2022

In many industries, especially electronics, the use of anti-static panels is extremely extensive. It is precisely because the demand for it is gradually increasing that it is also making it more and more popular. One of the most indispensable parts of this workbench is the anti-static panel. So, do you know what materials it has?


Why Is Aluminum Extrusion Profiles Widely Used In Many Industries?

December 10,2021

Aluminum is just an element in chemistry but is more and more used in our lives, whether it is a wok or a spoon, whether it is a table or a chair, you can see it. This is because aluminum is soft and can be made into various shapes. Nowadays, aluminum extrusion profiles are the most widely used in all walks of life. Do you know why?