Use of Acrylic Plate

September 21,2022

Acrylic plate is the best new material to make sanitary ware after ceramics.


Application of Aluminum Profiles in the Construction Industry

August 19,2022

The construction industry is one of the three main markets for aluminum profiles. And it's about 20% of the world's total aluminum production.


What are the Categories and Characteristics of Fire-proof Boards?

August 05,2022

Searching for a Fire-proof Boards supplier, wholesaler, manufacturer from China, you can get high-quality products at a nice price.


Features of Composite Casters for Aluminum Profile Accessories

July 22,2022

The purpose of casters is to facilitate handling, such as for indoor use, under various equipment and various handling machines that need to be handled in buildings, it is the reinforcement of human hands, there is no simple formula and rules for selecting universal casters, because the use environment The difference between the casters and the user's personal working habits and preferences will affect the normal use of the casters. The selected casters should be properly used and installed according to the way and conditions of their use.


Brief Introduction of U-shaped Aluminum Profile

July 09,2022

A U-shaped aluminum profile, also known as a slot aluminum profile, is a general aluminum profile. Why is it called general-purpose aluminum? Because it has a wide range of uses and sizes. What we usually see may be U-shaped aluminum profiles for architectural decoration, such as glass slots for doors and windows, edging profiles, and aluminum alloy grille for ceilings, also known as aluminum Fangtong. The hanging rail of the curtain and sliding door also adopts a U-shaped aluminum profile. These U-shaped aluminum profiles used in buildings have a common feature, that is, they are thin, especially the aluminum square does not need to bear the load, so of course, the thinner the better.


How to Choose the Specifications of Industrial Aluminum Profiles?

June 28,2022

Do you have any doubts about the selection of industrial aluminum profiles? Don't know how to choose the profile specification that suits you? Today we will discuss how to choose the specifications of industrial aluminum profiles?


Why can't Countersunk Screws be Tightened Easily?

June 15,2022

Countersunk head screws, also known as flat head screws and flat head screws, have a 90 degree cone at the head, which is similar to common wood screws. There are tool tightening slots at the head, such as I-shaped, cross shaped, hexagonal, etc.


What are the Application Fields of Industrial Aluminum Profiles?

May 18,2022

At present, the industrial aluminum profile is a common material in modern society. Products are made of aluminum and other alloy elements. Aluminum extrusion materials are usually aluminum materials with different cross-sectional shapes and appearances obtained from aluminum rods through hot melting, extrusion, and various surface treatments. Aluminum is the main metal element. Add some alloy elements to improve the properties of aluminum. So what is the application field of industrial aluminum profile?


What Are The Advantages Of Galvanized Fasteners?

May 05,2022

Galvanizing is a process technology for surface treatment in the production of fasteners. There are four common types of galvanized fasteners: electro galvanized, powder galvanized, mechanically galvanized, and hot-dip galvanized. The following are their advantages.


2022 Hardware Hinge Purchase

April 24,2022

The hinge is a metal device that is mostly used at the connection on the cabinet door of furniture such as cabinets, wardrobe, and TV cabinets, and is used to connect the cabinet door and cabinet body.