What are the Categories and Characteristics of Fire-proof Boards?

August 05,2022

  1. Traditional fireproof board


The fireproof board is not afraid of fire but has certain fire resistance. It is made of decorative paper and kraft paper through such processing steps as soaking, drying, high temperature, and high pressure. The structure is surface wear-resistant layer + colored paper + multi-layer kraft paper. It has the characteristics of wear resistance, high-temperature resistance, scratch resistance, penetration resistance, and easy cleaning.


The surface of the fireproof board has good gloss and transparency, and can highly restore colors and patterns, with high simulation. Therefore, compared with the traditional plate, this modern new environmental protection fireproof plate is more popular.


fire-proof board


  1. Anti-beta plate


The anti-magnification board is made of decorative colored paper and multiple layers of black or brown kraft paper. After lamination, it is pressed by a steel plate under high temperature and high pressure. The thickness of kraft paper can be adjusted as required. The thickness is 1.6 ~ 25mm. The arc shape can be designed in L-shape, U-shape, M-shape, and V-shape, and the width can reach 1.8*4.2m.


As a decorative material, langbeinite is thicker than the traditional fireproof board and has the characteristics of firmness, impact resistance, waterproof, and moisture resistance. It can be used as a structural material to directly drill, knock, sand, guide, and cut with standard carbon steel alloy tools.


  1. Fireproofing board


Although the fire resistance is high, places with high requirements for fire rating as facing materials, such as suspended ceilings, need to have a fire rating of class I before they can be used. At this time, firepower will be put into use.


The fire-resistant performance of firepower is very good, the fire rating can reach the A-level standard, and its antibacterial and mildew resistance is stronger. If the ceiling wants to do wood grain grille modeling, the firepower can be used as the finish. The conventional size of the firecracker is 1220mm * 2440mm * 3mm.


In addition, fire grams have a more convenient use, which can be directly used for indoor renovation, that is, after the base course is corrected, firegram can be pasted.


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