Use of Acrylic Plate

September 21,2022

Acrylic plate is the best new material to make sanitary ware after ceramics. Compared with traditional ceramic materials, besides the incomparable high brightness, the acrylic plate has good toughness and is not easy to damage; strong repair; soft texture; is colorful and can meet the personality of different tastes and other advantages.


Due to the difficulty and high cost of acrylic production, there are many cheap substitutes in the market. These substitutes, also known as "acrylic", are ordinary organic boards or composite boards (also known as sandwich boards). The ordinary organic board is cast with ordinary organic glass cracking material and pigment, with low surface hardness, easy fading, and poor polishing effect after polishing with fine sand. The composite board has only a thin layer of acrylic on the surface and ABS plastic in the middle. It is easy to delaminate due to the influence of thermal expansion and cold contraction in use. The true and false acrylic can be identified from the slight color difference and polishing effect of the plate section.


acrylic plate


Use of acrylic plate


  1. Building applications: shop windows, sound insulation doors, and windows, light shields, telephone booths, etc;


  1. Advertising application: light box, signboard, signboard, exhibition stand, etc;


  1. Traffic application: doors and windows of trains, cars, and other vehicles;


  1. Medical applications: baby care boxes, various surgical and medical appliances, and household articles: sanitary facilities, handicrafts, cosmetics, brackets, aquariums, etc;


  1. Industrial application: the instrument panel and cover;


  1. Lighting application: fluorescent lamp, pendant lamp, street lamp cover, etc.
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