How to Use Grille Lamp Correctly

December 06,2022

Nowadays, grille lamps are more popular and more used by users. How to use grille lamps correctly? Keep reading!




Pay attention to:


Due to the design needing to bend and cut the feet, during operation, the position of the bent and cut feet is more than 3mm from the bottom of the gel. Bends shall be made before welding. When using grid lamp socket, the spacing between PCB plate holes shall correspond to the spacing between grid lamp legs. During the foot cutting, the vibration and friction of the foot cutting machine generate high voltage static electricity. So the machine should be reliably grounded, so the operation will be better.


Grille lamp cleaning:


Be careful when cleaning the colloid with chemicals, because some chemicals will damage the colloid surface and cause discoloration, such as trichloroethylene, acetone, etc. It can be wiped and dipped with ethanol for no more than 3 minutes under normal temperature. If the time is too long, it will cause adverse effects.


Overcurrent protection of grille lamp:


The over-current protection can make the grid lamp work stably by connecting protective resistors in series.


Welding conditions of grille lamp:


  • Soldering iron welding: the temperature of the soldering iron shall not exceed 300 , the welding time shall not exceed 3 seconds, and the welding position shall be at least 2mm away from the colloid.


  • Wave soldering: the immersion welding temperature is 260 , the immersion welding time is not more than 5 seconds, and the immersion welding position is at least 2mm away from the colloid.