How to Choose the Specifications of Industrial Aluminum Profiles?

June 28,2022

Do you have any doubts about the selection of industrial aluminum profiles? Don't know how to choose the profile specification that suits you? Today we will discuss how to choose the specifications of industrial aluminum profiles?


How to choose the specifications of industrial aluminum profiles?


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Different specifications and models of industrial aluminum profiles represent different load-bearing requirements, and suitable specifications can be selected according to the load-bearing capacity of the frame. Generally speaking, the load-bearing of the workbench is about 300 kg, so you can choose 3030 or 4040 profiles to make; the load-bearing of the maintenance platform is generally required to be about 2000 kg, so you need to choose 8080, 9090 or 100100 specifications, so that there will be no collapse. Case.


Load-bearing is an important basis for the selection of industrial aluminum profiles. No matter what kind of frame structure, if you want to choose a suitable profile specification, you must first determine the load-bearing requirements of the frame, and then select the profile specifications that can meet the load-bearing requirements of the frame according to the load-bearing. . This step can be completed by the technical staff of the profile manufacturer, who have rich experience and can reduce unnecessary selection troubles.


In addition to the load-bearing of the frame, the structure of the frame is also one of the references for selection. To give an example to illustrate, for example, the customer needs a frame of 3 meters * 2 meters long, and the load-bearing requirement is 4 tons. According to the previous selection principle, it is necessary to use industrial aluminum profiles with a specification of 8080 or more to meet the load-bearing requirements. However, if a lot of columns can be installed in the middle of the 3m*2m long frame, at this time, profiles smaller than 8080 can be used to make them, such as 60 series profiles or 50 series profiles, etc., which can also meet the needs of use.


No matter which series of industrial aluminum profiles it is, there are light, standard and heavy types. If it is a small frame structure, you can choose a light type. If it is a large-sized frame structure, you can choose a heavy type to ensure the stability of the frame. sex.


There are only two commonly used colors of industrial aluminum profiles, namely black and silver-white. Generally speaking, the price of black profiles is more expensive than that of silver-white ones. What is your budget? There are also some mechanical equipment that use black to look better than silver and white, and you can also choose suitable specifications from an aesthetic point of view.