Difference between Ordinary Aluminum and Broken Bridge Aluminum

April 11,2022

Because ordinary aluminum and broken bridge aluminum are all aluminum alloy profiles in essence. We can see the difference between them, that is, the word "broken bridge". The broken bridge is not different in aluminum alloy. It is a difference in the manufacturing method of aluminum alloy.


aluminum alloy


Ordinary aluminum alloy


The profile of ordinary aluminum alloy is integrated, that is to say, the mainframe on both sides of the aluminum alloy profile and the connector in the middle is an all-aluminum alloy. In this way, when the aluminum alloy profile conducts heat, the heat transfer is the same. Therefore, aluminum alloy is prone to cold and hot bridges at this position. That is, the heat transfer rate of the profile is faster than that of the rest of the window. This is also a quality defect of ordinary aluminum alloy profiles, and it is also the fundamental reason why bridge broken aluminum replaces aluminum alloy.


Broken bridge aluminum alloy


Broken bridge aluminum alloy, its essence should be two parts. Unlike ordinary aluminum alloy as a whole, it cuts an aluminum alloy profile from the middle and then connects it with special materials with a low heat transfer coefficient. The connecting material is our common plastic or nylon insulation strip. Due to the existence of this layer of thermal insulation material, heat will not pass through it to the other side of the aluminum alloy, that is, the inside and outside of the window. Therefore, it plays the role of breaking the bridge.


Comprehensive analysis


Therefore, there is no difference between aluminum alloy and broken bridge aluminum alloy, in essence, that is, material. There is only a certain difference in the treatment of profiles. This treatment is known as a broken bridge. If we want to distinguish between aluminum alloy profiles and broken bridge aluminum profiles, we should go to see if they have thermal insulation strips in the middle.


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