Brief Introduction of U-shaped Aluminum Profile

July 09,2022

A U-shaped aluminum profile, also known as a slot aluminum profile, is a general aluminum profile. Why is it called general-purpose aluminum? Because it has a wide range of uses and sizes. What we usually see may be U-shaped aluminum profiles for architectural decoration, such as glass slots for doors and windows, edging profiles, and aluminum alloy grille for ceilings, also known as aluminum Fangtong. The hanging rail of the curtain and sliding door also adopts a U-shaped aluminum profile. These U-shaped aluminum profiles used in buildings have a common feature, that is, they are thin, especially the aluminum square does not need to bear the load, so of course, the thinner the better.


aluminum profile


Today, we mainly talk about U-shaped industrial aluminum profiles. Industrial trough aluminum is also very common, ranging from LED lamp shells to chassis shells. Of course, some LED lamp shells are not regular U-shaped aluminum, some have some notches, or are similar to C-type, with various shapes.


In addition, U-shaped aluminum is also used for trunking and guide rail. Generally, the wall thickness of trunking is relatively thin, while the guide rail requires relatively high straightness and strong stability, so it is generally very thick aluminum.


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