Application of Aluminum Profiles in the Construction Industry

August 19,2022

The construction industry is one of the three main markets for aluminum profiles. And it's about 20% of the world's total aluminum production. In some industrially developed countries, the amount of aluminum used in the construction industry has accounted for more than 30% of their total production.


In recent years, the products of construction aluminum are constantly updated. The application of colored aluminum, aluminum alloy formwork and other novel construction products is also increasing year by year.


Aluminum Profiles


Aluminum profiles are mainly used in construction for:


Doors and windows, partitions, decorative materials and structural components, etc.


The characteristics of aluminum profiles determine their application in construction


✔️Stability of the material


The design structure of aluminum profiles conforms to all the principles in the mechanics of the building.


It has a higher resistance to corrosion than other materials. It does not deform due to moisture. It also does not shrivel and soften due to sunlight exposure. It will not become brittle due to freezing and UV rays.




A processing method that conforms to the characteristics of aluminum profiles is used. Through special surface treatment, the actual life of the manufactured aluminum doors and windows curtain walls and other products is synchronized with the building.


✔️Wind pressure resistance


The aluminum profile has good hardness and high tensile strength. Its wind pressure resistance is also very high more suitable for high-rise buildings.


✔️Easy processing of the profile


✔️Simple repair and maintenance


✔️Decorative properties


Aluminum profiles have a metallic luster. And through the process of oxidation coloring or electrostatic spraying and fluorocarbon spraying, it can produce hundreds of colors of products.




Small density and lightweight. The profile of the same length and section is only 1/3 of steel, so it has high economy.




Aluminum alloy profiles can be recycled after use. Its energy consumption when recycling is low, only equivalent to 5% of the original aluminum production. And it has a high recovery rate when melting, with a loss of 3.5%-8.5% per cycle. It can be recycled repeatedly, avoiding the waste of resources and pollution to the environment.




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