2022 Hardware Hinge Purchase

April 24,2022

The hinge is a metal device that is mostly used at the connection on the cabinet door of furniture such as cabinets, wardrobe, and TV cabinets, and is used to connect the cabinet door and cabinet body.




Classification of hinges


Hinge components


The structure of an ordinary hinge includes a hinged seat, cover plate, and connecting arm. The hinge with damping function also includes a hydraulic cylinder block, rivet, spring, and booster arm.


The hinged seat is mainly fixed on the cabinet, and the iron head is used to fix the door panel.


Hinge type


The commonly used hinge opening and closing degrees are between 90 degrees and 110 degrees. According to the position of the cover, after the cabinet door is covered, the hinge can be divided into the straight bend, middle bend, and large bend hinges.


For conventional use, the hinge with a middle bend is mainly used.


If you want the door to completely cover the side panel, you can use straight hinges


If you only want the door panel to cover part of the side panel, you can use a semi-curved hinge.


Hinges can also be divided into fixed and removable.


Fixed hinge: the loading is relatively stable and not easy to be damaged.


Detachable hinge: it applies to the cabinet door, which needs to be disassembled, cleaned, painted and other scenes frequently


Material characteristics of hinge


The material of the hinge determines the quality of the hinge. Good materials are not only strong and durable, not easy to rust, strong corrosion-resistance, but also beautiful.


At present, 304 stainless steel and cold rolled steel are mainly used for hinges.


304 stainless steel hinge: it can be used in a humid environment such as a toilet, kitchen, or balcony. It has strong rust and corrosion resistance. Cold rolled stainless steel hinge: it can be used in relatively dry environments such as bedrooms, living rooms, and studies.


How to choose the hinge?


In addition to material classification, we should also understand the composition of its damper. A nylon hydraulic damper is better than a brass hydraulic damper.


The choice of the double hole and four-hole. Generally, the small cabinet door can use a double hole, and the large cabinet door can use four holes.


Another unwritten way is to bump the weight, which is a dollar a gram.


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