Features of Composite Casters for Aluminum Profile Accessories

July 22,2022

The purpose of casters is to facilitate handling, such as for indoor use, under various equipment and various handling machines that need to be handled in buildings, it is the reinforcement of human hands, there is no simple formula and rules for selecting universal casters, because the use environment The difference between the casters and the user's personal working habits and preferences will affect the normal use of the casters. The selected casters should be properly used and installed according to the way and conditions of their use.


Therefore, there are many different factors that determine the choice of casters. The correct choice of casters should consider the weight of the casters, the environment of the site, the flexibility of rotation, the requirements of working temperature and other special working environment requirements.


Composite Casters


Casters are divided into compound casters, universal casters with brakes, Foma casters, etc. Today we are going to talk about compound casters, why do we need them? Because it has some features that other casters do not have. Because it is a combination of skirting and casters. Therefore, the advantage of using composite casters on the aluminum profile frame is that it can not only be moved but also fixed when it does not need to be moved. Its load-bearing is higher than other casters.


Materials used for compound casters: chrome-plated steel/polyurethane or nylon. Specifications are 2.5 inch and 3 inch compound casters. Composite casters are used to install on the workbench or the bottom of the equipment, and the corresponding specifications and models are selected according to the load capacity of the frame and the workbench, so that they can move freely.